Description: Background music, Action heavy driving

Description: Sharpen your sword berserker and get ready for a hard driving heavy metal groove that's full of serious heroic valor, steely determination, and bravery. This track would work great for an adventurous action theme. It's a full metal band ensemble ensemble underscore with low down gritty 7 string electric guitar, 5 string electric bass, a powerful commanding drum kit with pounding toms, an arsenal of rock and orchestral cymbals, and a choir siren melody. 96 bpm

Description: Heavy groovey up beat action music sport action movie action Instrumental

Description: It's a complete song in the style of heavy metal without vocals. Perfect to show speed, extreme, and drive.

Description: Punchy and aggressive nu-metal/hard-rock instrumental track. In the tradition of Godsmack and Disturbed.

Description: Energetic cinematic instrumental metal composition with drums, bass guitar and heavy guitars

Description: uptempo driving hard rock/metal. great for car scenes, extreme sport, action, etc.

Description: heavy rock, metal fast paced sting track

Description: A heavy progressive metal with lots of tempo changes! NO vocals included. Taken from the "Battle of Egos" EP

Description: progressive, moody metal track. twinpeaks like mood!.