Description: Agressive heavy metal loop with the modern synth sounds.

Description:      Powerful metal track with "Rammstein style" cool guitar riffs, reverse effects and distorted lead . Also, there is some glitch effects in the middle of the track that make the sound more creative and atmospheric. Perfect for use in sport (like boxing), military, martial arts videos, advertisements etc. 95BPM, Dmin. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Sharpen your sword berserker and get ready for a hard driving heavy metal groove that's full of serious heroic valor, steely determination, and bravery. This track would work great for an adventurous action theme. It's a full metal band ensemble ensemble underscore with low down gritty 7 string electric guitar, 5 string electric bass, a powerful commanding drum kit with pounding toms, an arsenal of rock and orchestral cymbals, and a choir siren melody. 96 bpm

Description: heavy guitar riff with a large beat and a menacing breakdown

Description: heavy metal hard rock riffs accompanied with drums n bass.

Description: Action, Metal Guitar, Big Drums, Drama and Adventure

Description: Hard-hitting, raw heavy metal with loud guitars!.

Description: layers of guitars form an orchestra style composition. perfect for film, games web and more.

Description: Action, Metal Guitar, Big Drums, Drama and Adventure

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