Description: Uptempo, bruising heavy metal, crunchy guitar, it's an onslaught of sound.

Description: A Heavy - Power - Progressive Song with Various Tempo Changes, an Acoustic Part in The middle and an Epic Ending! NO Vocals Included. Taken from the "Battle of Egos" EP

Description: Dynamic and aggressive composition in the style of military hard rock. Played on heavy guitars. Suitable for video and film production.And also for trailers and promotional screensavers.

Description: Action, Metal Guitar, Big Drums, Drama and Adventure

Description: A heavy, Guitar driven theme with lots of grunge and lots of Guitar Chunk

Description: A Groovy and Heavy Progressive Metal Song Taken from The " Battle of Egos" Trilogy. Aggressive and Fast Music With Various Tempo Changes. NO Vocals Included

Description: An intense and foreboding guitar driven, heavy metal, instrumental track. Modern metal rhythms drive the song with strong drum syncopation.

Description: uptempo driving hard rock/metal. great for car scenes, extreme sport, action, etc.

Description: Crushing metal instrumental, with melodic interludes, mid-uptempo.

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