Description: Dramatic Epic is a power cinematic epic background track with orchestra, power drums and piano. Perfect for movie trailer, video games, sports movie, heroic movie, action movie and advertising.

Description: Cinematic, Light Humor, Specialty, Sneaky, Bouncy, Orchestra, Steady, Strings, Comedy

Description: Forlorn Memories | 49934 | 1:00 | Comp: Marshall Such - ASCAP | Pub: Mikeful Music - ASCAP | Forloran, dark, solo violin, piano, harp, Sad, serious, somber, Emotional, heartfelt, personal, reverant, respectful | Forlorn, sad, dark, dramatic, emotional, sm

Description: Neo-classical, lonely, forlorn, sad, slow, small ork, piano, solo violin, French Horn, Quartet

Description: Grandiose waltz, orchestral, scenic, heartfelt, ballroom

Description: Graceful,broad strings,reverent