Description: 60 second medium paced instrumental featuring mainly acoustic guitar

Description: Simple catchy but effective breakbeat

Description: 60 Second Acoustic Loop featuring guitar, ukulele, and piano

Description: A beautiful version of this classic children's lullaby.

Description: acoustic picking guitar fx loop.

Description: house music loop which can be repeated

Description: 60 second loop featuring acoustic nylon stringed classical guitar fingerpicked over an accompaniment of piano, organ, and slow bass. Very mellow and classical sounding, but with a positive, driving feel. Sentimental and romantic without being over the top. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for television, film, radio, or other voice over work. Loops seamlessly.

Description: This is a quick paced and adventurous energetic acoustic ukulele, melodic acoustic guitar, driving bass, real maraca, and hand claping loop. You can't find any more energy than what's packed inside this track! It's great for energized excitement such as beach recreational sports, corporate, business, background, travel, fast motion, or any adventurous activity like surfing. Free style without a metronome at approximately 102 beats per minute but in reality it's more like 400!

Description: Automated synthesizers, staccato piano, punchy bass and clipped percussion play 87 second loop of repetitive motifs suggestive of investigative reporting, TV journalism, and news magazine shows.

Description: Gentle harp glissando opens the track creating an instant weird magical effect then as the track builds a pleasant flute melody is played creating a dreamy atmosphere offering the sense of floating or travelling slowly. Very useful for small video timeline productions or childrens themes.