Description: Fun and uplifting loop with acoustic guitars and vocal elements. Upbeat and melodic music with very positive vibe! Maybe you need a happy tune for a project? The Happy Upbeat Loop will work for many different purposes and projects!

Description: Background serious calm music for viewing of statistic information on news, promo and advertising movie. Use it in your TV & Web projects.

Description: Piano plays simple, mournful minor melody accompanied by harp in 120 second loop. Suggested for scenes involving tragedy, serious introspection.

Description: Electric and acoustic pianos, combine with electric guitar, clavinet, bass and percussion in energetic 108 second loop suggested to underscore motivational images, upbeat sequences.

Description: Uplifting corporate groove, positive and happy. this is looped so it can be used for web applications

Description: Laid-back, casual reggae-inspired 99 second loop of sleigh bells, bass, drums, guitars, organ, clavinet and tubular bells reminiscent of church bells.

Description: SOUNDS GREAT IN: brand commercials; fashion media; backstage videos; slideshows; vlogs; radio & broadcasting background; advertising

Description: This is a gentle and easy going commercial background music track that is pleasant, relaxed, and has a warm romantic nostalgic feel. There is a nice melodic strumming that has an agreeable sweet tone that imparts you in to a good feeling happy mood! It has acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930's Rickter tuned traditionally), grand piano, orchestral string section, bass guitar, and a quarter note maraca rhythm. Even though it's relaxed and laid back it's still has an upbeat and lively groove at 140 beats per minute.

Description: Automated synthesizers, staccato piano, punchy bass and clipped percussion play 87 second loop of repetitive motifs suggestive of investigative reporting, TV journalism, and news magazine shows.

Description: Pizzicato strings combine with acoustic and electric pianos, glockenspiel, synthesizer and percussion in 87 second loop of syncopated arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of espionage.

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