Description: Composition of methodically sequenced synthesizers, piano, marimba and percussion in 80 second loop.

Description: Sequenced synthesizers, rock guitars and drums play tension-building 66 second loop reminiscent of classic rock tracks.

Description: Electric and bass guitars, drums and percussion play rock pattern in 75 second loop, as arrangement subtly builds.

Description: Synthesizers and drums in trance style 41 second loop similar to drum and bass groove with stereo effects and filter sweeps.

Description: Underwater ambient music with harp melody and reverberant strings

Description: Upbeat track that can be looped. The track has a beat, synth, violin. This is the version with a short break in the beat. Good for documentaries, videos, websites and other productions. Two other versions are also available.

Description: Big rock track, live instruments with great modern production, catchy riffs which are instantly pleasing. Please take the time to listen to my other tracks if you enjoy this one.

Description: High end fun computer music made with an 8bit chip modern synth, top production with modern beats and optimistic plucked harp/string. Great for video games, technology, tv etc.

Description: pro sounding hollywood atmospherics, tense driving sounds that set the scene for inspired ambient moments. Fits in easily with any video section.

Description: Uplifting corporate groove, positive and happy. this is looped so it can be used for web applications