Description: electronic, old school computer games groove, electro.

Description: industrial, atmospheric, electronic hi-tech groove.

Description: relaxed, corporate, guitar+pizzicato, electronic midtempo groove.

Description: relaxed, corporate, guitar+pizzicato, electronic midtempo groove.

Description: groovy, cool, modern, chic, downtempo, electronic lounge groove.

Description: This is my newest, calm, positive and soft electronic Corporate Music Loop 30s with good mood. This motivational background track can be also used in wedding photo and video presentations, commercial computer games and movies, nice events - birthday, christmas, as a musical background for advertisement, slideshow, business websites, company soundtrack etc…Enjoy! advertising, background, background music, calm, commercial, corporate, dreamy, game, inspirational, intro, video game, motivational, music, opening, positive, relaxing, short, slideshow, uplifting, video, website, good mood, energetic, business, successful, action, bright, happy, hopeful, travel, presentation, promo, hi tech, news, financial, elegant, upbeat, high tech, light, relaxed, mellow, easy, nature, smooth, soft, lively, bouncy, loop, corporate loop, looping

Description: riveting, exciting, thrilling uptempo electronic, hi-tech groove.

Description: Here is a spirited, fast paced, and very energetic ukulele track that is sure to get your feet moving! It has acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930s Richter), strumming acoustic guitar, driving electric bass guitar, grand piano, real maraca, and upbeat hand clapping. It is great for any energized excitement such as beach recreational sports, corporate, business, background, travel, tropical, fast motion, or any adventurous activity like surfing or waterskiing. 192 beats per minute.

Description: Atmospheric soundcape melody with trendy beats, low end bass and sfx create an illusion of on-line fantasy, scientific theories or adult interaction.

Description: Happy and joyful track with positive whistle melodies, accordion, acoustic guitars, bass, claps and upbeat drums. Great for inspirational advertisements, commercials, travel videos, positive marketing and motivational themes, promotional videos and other uplifting media. Also check out the multiple 60, 30 and 15 second versions available. 90 BPM

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