Description: Smooth contemporary beat with piano, synthesizer, electric bass and electronic drums. The main piano melody is catchy and elegant, while the background accompaniment provides a pleasant ambiance. This track is suitable for advertisements, commercials, presentations, websites and more.

Description: Positive Acoustic Guitar Pop Background Music 2min loop (On The Road) for your projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include – acoustic guitar, synth, live bass, drums, fx, strings, pad…This track can be used anywhere – as a music background for websites, games and movies, documentary scientific films, presentations, slideshows, podcast, news, telecasts, video about nature, space…good mood, easy, corporate, positive, motivational, soothing, heavenly, thoughtful, relaxing, relaxation, relax, relaxed, chillout, filter, subtle, calm, dreamy, deep, acoustic guitar, strings, moody, emotional, hope, soulful, serene, peaceful, meditation, meditative, beautiful, laid back, contemplative, cinematic, easy listening, mystique, funny, happy, business, beach, travel, friendly, peace, melodious, atmospheric, rhythmical, game, southern, mellow, reflective, looping

Description: This is my new Trance Dance Music Loop 2min Intro track with beautiful night club summer mood, which contain soft synth, dance leads, vocal samples (it was me:) and dreamy fx…This track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for websites, games and movies, as a soundtrack, corporate video, youtube summer party video, holiday video, presentations, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) background, business, commercial, corporate, dance, dreamy, easy, electronic, emotional, energetic, fast, loop, melodious, modern, motivational, opening, pop, positive, rhythmical, soft, soundtrack, strings, trance, travel, video, vocal, voice, website, bouncy, bright, discovery, video game, inspirational, hopeful, high tech, 2min, summer, confident, cool, festive, proud, uplifting, relaxed, repetitive, hypnotic, mellow, light, magical, meditative, mystical, looping, fast

Description: You will do what no others will, climbing high, hand over hand on the suspense-shun bridge.

Description: acoustic picking guitar fx loop.

Description: dreamy ambient loop using various soundscapes and shimmering guitar. Perfect for backround and live applications. Exactly one minute long.

Description: A goofy science fiction sound, could be used as comic relief.

Description: Simple piano waltz with piano, acoustic fingerpicked guitar, and bass. Pleasant but a bit melancholy

Description: Acoustic guitar, piano and cello in a warm, positive and uplifting cue.

Description: Rhythmical evolution from a vintage Beatbox from the '70. Recorded and edited in Pro Tools. The track is quantized and loop-able. In any part of the track you can easily extract a loop and create your own evolution. The originally beatbox output is mono. I added a little of reverberation and create a stereo file.