Description: Laidback piano accompanied by upright bass and drums plays patterns in 85 second loop inspired by jazz and blues.

Description: Two vibes with one playing rich jazz chords and the other playing a catchy pop melody / Loop is 8 bars at 96 BPM

Description: This is track 8 from my Music Blanket Collection Jazzy sax and lead keys chillout sound,no drums

Description: This is track 7 from my Music Blanket Collection. Jazz trumpet,bass and keys looped,no drums

Description: jazzy, cool, music, guitar , loop, violon

Description: Strong banging kick and snare, funky live hats, crisp percussion, smooth electric guitar fills, lush jazz keyboard chord stabs, and funky electric bass / Perfect loop for a project that needs smooth flowing funky soul-funk with today's hard hitting drums.

Description: Upright bass and drums plays jazz motif as vibes and piano trade shadowy phrases in 70 second loop.

Description: Upright bass plays cautious walking pattern in 34 second loop, pausing for pitch-bending glissando notes with hihat cymbals and triangle, a la The Pink Panther.

Description: short loading loop, cool jazzy, improvised.