Description: Soulful and emotional Hip-Hop instrumental comprised of organ melody, violin, electric guitar, stand out drums and a smooth bass line. Useful for media depicting family gatherings, BBQ's or a general laid-back social environment or hotel lounge. Also, think hip-hop nostalgia. Documentary. This is a seamless loop. (full edit and short edit available)

Description: Edgy electronic medley of weblike chords and mystical background all grooving to a Hip-Hop beat. The melody sparks a curious vibe often found in investigative news reports and documentaries.

Description: Contemplative modern day Hip-Hop style beat. Also evokes several feelings ranging from pain and struggle to vibing out with friends. Nice racing hi-hats compliment Kick and Snap combo with bass line. This is a seamless original loop composition.

Description: Hip-Hop instrumental loop with modern day quirky sounds. Good for background use during interviews, narration, viral videos, youtube videos or "adult" videos. Zany vibe mixed with hip-hop culture. Think underscore for a silly moment, or enhance cool factor for gadgets and electronics.