Description: Simple catchy but effective breakbeat

Description: Catchy strings melodically riding to a rap beat

Description: Dark ice cold rap beat with an orchestral backing

Description: This loop is a laid back hip hop beat with kick drum, snare and hi hat.

Description: Thick and banging MPC swing style kicks, snares, hats, and percussion, panning string stabs, low sub bass, jazz piano chord hits, and harp & electric guitar fills / Perfect loop for a project that needs organic west coast hip-hop with a laid back vibe / Loop is 8 bars at 80 BPM

Description: This is my new Dark Power dramatic hip hop battle looped track with exciting cinematic sound, which include different bright instruments - rythmical slow drums, violins, live bass, brass, fx etc...This track can be used anywhere – as a energetic musical background for websites, in computer arcade war games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial video, movie trailer or epic, adventure music, etc…Enjoy! action, background, battle, cinematic, dangerous, dramatic, dramatic music, emotional, energetic, epic, film, game, heroic, hip hop, hip hop music, loop, music, nervous, opening, powerful, short, soundtrack, urban, uplifting, video game, terror, confident, groovy, proud, intense, strong, tension, tragic, video, war, website, film instrumental, film score, cinematic music, violins, gameplay, scary, serious, documentary, documentary music, angry, haunting, dark, looping

Description: Warm and emotional, Sweet Hip-Hop Loop is a soulful loop made of deep drums and bass, stylish piano, groovy percussions and cool electro sounds.

Description: This is my new, powerful, agressive and Hip Hop Urban Music Loop track with exciting sound, which include different bright instruments - rythmical live drums, bass, scratches fx's, etc...This cool dangerous music intro can be used anywhere – as an energetic musical soundtrack or background for websites, computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial video, forceful fighting sports video, movie trailer or an epic, adventure music for films, etc…Enjoy! action, advertising, background, battle, cinematic, commercial, dangerous, dramatic, driving, energetic, epic, film, forceful, game, game music, hard, hip hop, hip hop music, intro, logo, loop, music, powerful, fight, short, soundtrack, sport, strong, tension

Description: "Smooth HipHop Looper" is a mellow und relaxed pattern which contains besides a cool HipHop Drum Beat a nice synth bass and organ. It's like being in the golden times of HipHop.

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