Description: Fast paced and aggressive intro, this is a modern rock track. I have used some electro synths to mellow out the track and give it a cinematic vibe but kept the kit solid throughout. This is a great music bed for sports action, cars and motorbikes, product launch and internet advertising.

Description: A slow moving solo electric guitar track with good movement and vibe.

Description: Heavy rock guitars with an industrial groove, think Beastie Boys Sabotage or Iron Man theme. Big, loud and bad-ass. I have mixed in some synth sounds to give the cue a hybrid feel that keeps it fresh. Suitable for sports action, trailer cues, games and promos. Will work well as a music bed for action sequences.

Description: Short industrial loop with distorted guitar. Good for movie, trailers, games, radio, animations and more.

Description: Rock loop with distorted guitars and drums. Good for movie, trailers, games, radio, animations and more.

Description: This is my new inspiring looped motivational, positive soft pop rock track with corporate mood, which can be used in business commercial slideshows, happy joyful video, holiday and celebration events. Track included soft rock drums, electric guitars solo and bright acoustic piano…These track can be also used in wedding photo and video, arcade computer games and emotional movies, nice events – birthday, christmas, valentine cards, as a musical background for advertisement, websites etc…Enjoy! and thanks for buying!:)

Description: cool, loop, Walking in the street, remember, holidays.

Description: A smooth solo guitar loop with a thoughtful and nostalgic mood. This track can be used as background music in videos, commercials, adverts and any other project that requires a serene and calm vibe.

Description: SOUNDS GREAT IN: brand commercials; fashion media; backstage videos; slideshows; vlogs; radio & broadcasting background; advertising

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