Description: This electronic music loop is an energetic and fast paced powerhouse. The hypnotic melodies are contrasted with a lively beat and fast paced style. This music loop works great for a wide variety of applications including games, news, alien, animation, and more.

Description: Big and powerful electro kick drum, crisp snare and clap, swing 909 high-hats, low sub bass, thick techno synth stabs, and spacey sound effects / Perfect loop for a project that needs strong hard driving eletro-techno / Loop is 8 Bars at 125 BPM.

Description: Seamless, 8 Second Loop of the track, 3 AM Chillout. A downtempo / chill / smooth house style track designed for that experience of unwinding from the long night out on the town. Smooth bassline and spatial effects give a relaxing and head nodding vibe throughout this track. Great for any type of media!

Description: This high tech music uses soothing futuristic melodies with soft pads. The music relaxing and excites at the same time and is ideal music for a wide variety of applications including corporate, flash, presentations, commercial, video game, television, infomercial and much much more.

Description: This electronic music uses wild melodies and echoing synths to create an amazing sound. The music is cool fusion of futuristic sounds and works great with a wide variety of applications including video games, tech, ads, future, and much much more.

Description: A groovy glitch beat at 110 bpm for production and creation.

Description: Electronic, Chillout, Lounge music with a causy, easy going, luxurious, reflective mood. It can be used anywhere – like music for websites backgrounds, movies, news, films, podcast, Powerpoint,telecasts, about nature, space, earth, children, family, the sea etc.

Description: This is very positive and powerful dance looped track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include different bright instuments – acoustic guitar, synth, synth bass, drums, fx, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – like music, background for websites, in flash games and movies, documentary scientific films, business presentations and projects, podcast, slideshows, news, telecasts, about nature, space etc…

Description: Technology in our Life - Contemporary Electronic Pop Track. Perfect for Corporate Video, Technology Video, YouTube.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , electronic

Description: Technology Time – Corporate Tech Track. Perfect for Corporate Video, Technology/Science Video

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