Description: toes in the sand with a pina colada in your hand. perfect for a commercial, film, documentary or fun in the sun vacation footage.

Description: a caribbean vibe gets you moving with piano, bass and percussion.

Description: 4 bars electric piano intro, 4 bars congas latin funk beat, eight bars then vibes melody over remaining 16 bars to fadeout.

Description: Happy caribbean loop with mallets.

Description: Happy caribbean loop with mallets and nylon guitar.

Description: Happy caribbean loop with mallets.

Description: Topical house music suitable for project video, slides shows, Youtube background, corporate event. uplifting track for your projects! Great intros, clips, etc

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, marimba, glockenspiel and percussion play relaxed arrangement in 88 second loop suggested for leisurely holiday scenes.

Description: An energetic Latin-inspired arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars combined with bass, percussion and subtle flutes in a 113 second loop.

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