Description: Hot, smooth & sultry Latin Samba - uptempo but full passion, very sexy, yet sophisticated and full of the flavour of South America & Brazil. Great for holiday travelogues, exotic, documentary & commercials. Features acoustic guitar ensemble, piano, double bass & latin percussion.

Description: A grooving latin pop tune. Full band--guitar, keys, bass, drums, vocals.

Description: New type of product of music song

Description: Nylon Guitar Latin Percussion Maracas.

Description: A hot, uplifting Latin groove with percussions, brass instruments and piano with a exotic bass line. Great for travel shows, documentaries, holiday specials. Feels like summer.

Description: Sizzling party Salsa with hot burning percussion and loads of sensual exotic flavor for your production. Also features bass, piano and brass! great for commercials with for a flavour of South America, travel shows, documentaries, vacation and holiday specials. Wild, fiery and fun. latin. salsa.

Description: Nylon Guitar Latin Percussion Maracas.

Description: This cuban/latin sounding track features a horn section, accordion, smoking percussion, Guitar solo, Piano, Marimba, Bass, and Drums. This will make you want to glide onto the dance floor and dance the night away. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: Festive Spiritual Happy Positive

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