Description: A catchy and passionate Latin track featuring acoustic guitars and Latin percussion. Good for advertising/commercials, film/tv/video and any projects that need an uplifting Spanish/Latin feel.

Description: Horns Flamenco Guitar Latin Percussion.

Description: A Warm and Peaceful Bossanova, with a melancholic melody played on a real flute

Description: Traditional Argentinian Tango, romantic violin, acoustic piano, bass, accordion

Description: longing, spacious, romantic, film and television cue.

Description: The new fresh sound of the Caribbean rocking the world from Puerto Rico right accross to the Dominican Republic and Miami Florida.Regaeeton is sound of the sunshine, ****there are several more songs i have made with instrumental and vocal versions available**** check out the rest of my regaeeton tracks by clicking my name if you enjoy the sounds !!!

Description: Latin inspired 1960s style easy listening/rock n' roll