Description: FIERY!!! SIZZLING Latin instrumental featuring fast hand clapping beat, racing acoustic guitars, and searing hot electric guitar melody. Arousing, mouth-watering and extremely catchy!

Description: A lively Latin Mambo track with great percussion, piano,horn melodies and vocal samples.

Description: Bass, organ and percussion build to accompany relaxed acoustic guitar progression. Suggested for leisure scenes, vacation montages, restful images

Description: A latin jazz, Antonio Carlos Jobim style,bossa

Description: A feel-good bossa nova with piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Latin salsa music with percussion instruments ,accordion and solo of Spanish guitar.

Description: Heavily latin influenced pop/hip hop/R&B style beat.

Description: Short piano intro with whip-like percussion leads into an accordion/piano led tango with classical string arrangement.

Description: Happy, uplifting reggaeton beat with bass, violin and synthesizer - dancing in the sun.

Description: A slightly melancholic yet intriguing bolero featuring piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, flute and percussion.