Description: Acoustic guitar and percussion transition into a choppy Latin rhythm bed with added durms, synth and electric guitar. Version - With Vocals

Description: A funky groove with drums, bass, organ and guitar buillds into a big chord rise and an upbeat chorus. Version - No Organ

Description: A Latin ballad with sweet acoustic rhythm guitar, light percussion and strings. Version - With Vocals

Description: A quirky Latin beat with vocals samples, filtered piano and syncopated bass leads to a sparse guitar theme. Version - No Vocal Sample

Description: A Latin rock track with acoustic guitar lead, fast percussion effects and a spacey synth throughout. Version - No Guitar Lead

Description: A Reggaeton track with electronic drums and percussion joined by Latin piano and guitar. Version - No Synth

Description: A swampy track with percussion, programmed bass and Latin brass. Version - With Vocals

Description: A positive sounding Latin pop track with pulsating synth, a strong beat and clean acoustic guitars. Version - With Vocals

Description: An upbeat Latin track with dance drums/percussion loops, organ, piano and a catchy lead guitar line. Version - No Guitar Lead

Description: An upbeat minor Latin pop track with drums/percussion, bass, synth and edgy guitars. Version - 15 Second