Description: An intimate exotic acoustic guitar theme with a sense of longing and erotic temptation. Supported by a relaxed latin rhythm the tune brings up pictures of tropical and mediterranean settings, secret lovers dancing at sunset beaches in the evening.

Description: Moderate tempo Pop song with a strong beat and acoustic guitars. Arranged with subtle electric guitar effects and background voices in the chorus. This is a biography song. This person has traveled a lot through his life, he met a lot of people, visited cities, fell in love, and grew up and now he just turned back to his home city to find out that his city didn't change, the one that changed was himself.

Description: latin, romantic, yearning, rhytmic, mystical, happy, longing, peaceful.

Description: A friendly and lighthearted bossa nova, like that one person you'd like to know better featuring electric piano, electric bass, drums, guitar, vibes and percussion.

Description: A fun and sensible melody with motivating harmony propels this latin pop tune into your heart featuring piano, acoustic guitar, vibes, electric bass and congas.

Description: Moderate tempo Pop song with Acoustic sounds A love dreamer song. A man who is forced to create his soul mate because he fails to find one and falls into a vicious cycle...and it hurts!

Description: Song is a latin reggaeton pop instrumental track with a party feeling.

Description: a caribbean vibe gets you moving with piano, bass and percussion.

Description: a carnival of a tune, this bossa nova is pure fun featuring piano, flute, guitar, bass, vibes and percussion.

Description: Latin inspired 1960s style easy listening/rock n' roll