Description: fast paced catchy tune with latin influences.

Description: happy, energetic pop tune with female and male vocals. energetic, fast and fun.

Description: fun, dancy tune. male lead vocals in a british accent with male chorus backgrounds. electronica pop with a slight swing band feel.

Description: fun world ensemble with flutes and lazy floating synths.

Description: conceived in a 3/4 time signature, the syncopation nonetheless makes it feel more like 4/4. the basic introductory piano motif is stylistically salsa, with flamenco...

Description: Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach at Ipanema as the beautiful people frolic in the waves to the strains of this easy going Bossa Nova. Acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, synth pad and percussion.

Description: Feel the Caribbean sun with this easy going, gentling rocking reggae tune featuring organ, guitars, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: latin groove with flutes and horn.

Description: Get in touch with your inner California guitar hero with this latin flavored rocker. Electric guitars, bass, drums, latin percussion.

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