Description: An intimate exotic acoustic guitar theme with a sense of longing and erotic temptation. Supported by a relaxed latin rhythm the tune brings up pictures of tropical and mediterranean settings, secret lovers dancing at sunset beaches in the evening.

Description: Bossa Nova rhythm with guitars, drums, percussion and female voices relaxed, smooth and swinging.

Description: get away from it all with a motivating bossa nova featuring piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: a carnival of a tune, this bossa nova is pure fun featuring piano, flute, guitar, bass, vibes and percussion.

Description: Dancing and relaxing brazilian bossa nova groove. Great for beach commercials, beautiful outdoor day scene, vacations, happy life and good mood films

Description: The Super Simple Bossa is an easygoing and unpretentious bossa track featuring acoustic guitars, whistling and percussion. Perfect for use in product videos, promotional material, presentations, broadcast, movies, vlogs, games, events and more.

Description: Bossa Nova is today one of the best-known Brazilian music genres abroad. The phrase bossa nova means literally "new trend" or "new wave". The music is sunny, playful, full of joy, happiness and love of life. This miniature is the best for splash screens and as a beginnings of the projects. It's featuring piano and saxophone alto.

Description: Light Bossa Nova track, mellow summery which features Flute, Vibes, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Piano and Drums, Great track for leisurely atmospheres, Indoor outdoor Cafes, Instore music, Retain, Corporate Office Building music. Golf channel, Weather Channel, Travel Ads and Television Promos. Instrumental, Jazz, Bossa Nova Jazz

Description: Bossa nova style, accordion, acoustic guitar, saxophone

Description: A latin jazz track with wonderful piano melodies and acoustic guitars. It has a great drum track and hand percussion. It also has vibes and acoustic bass.