Description: Sensual, softly swaying bossa nova guitars. Version - Full Mix

Description: Soccer Warrior is an intense batucada-like track for your sports projects. The song consists of a very heavy percussion like the one you would hear in Brazil. It can be used as a song for an advertisement, a video, a corporate project, a presentation, etc. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time! Moods are: Brazil, Batucada, percussion, sports, corporate, intense, etc.

Description: Modern beats and Santana-esque guitar meet Bossa Nova rhythms in this contemporary down-tempo Latin groove. The title means "Broken Heart" as this is portrayed through the emotion and longing of the lead guitar contrasting with the cheerfulness of the brass.

Description: A fun bossa nova of anticipation of good things to come with piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano, drums and percussion.

Description: A Gracefull and warm Bossa Nova, with a really catchy melody played at piano

Description: Bossa Nova, Feel Good, Happy, Laid Back, Leisure, Peaceful, Positive, Relaxed, Smooth, Exotic, in a Fun, Happy, Positive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Bongos, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: An extremely happy and joyous bossa nova with piano, bass, drums with brushes, vibes and guitar.

Description: This short jingle would be ideal for projects looking for bossa nova-style music assets to use as intros, identifiers and in ads.

Description: Positive musical composition in bossanova style. Great for family and home advertisements.

Description: A Warm and Peaceful Bossanova, with a melancholic melody played on a real flute