Description: Mellow, laid back and pensive, this tune is perfect for running in a background of a presentation that wants to portray a smooth image. Laying on a beach on a hot day before a sunset comes to mind.

Description: An eclectic mix of ragtime jazz, rock and pop elements create this rhythmic, popping tune. The bass line slightly mimics some of the effects produced by horns. Use this SoundSet in any production that departs from the mundane and displays energy and fashi.

Description: Rhythm drives this SoundSet, ideal for projects where music plays an important and possibly equal role as the graphics. This SoundSet works well for intense presentations that wish to attract and keep the viewer's attention. The energy in this music will.

Description: This funky jazz piece has somewhat of an attitude. It also has a sense of adventure which makes it ideal for presentations involving image, fashion and lots of action.

Description: This piece combines diverse ambient moods with curiosity and sensuality. The percussion creates a hypnotic underlying beat making this sound ideal for artistic or unconventional presentations.

Description: Built on a blues scale, this slinky tune will add sensuality to any presentation. The piano occupies various ranges to provide some contrast. Use this SoundSet as a refreshing alternative to mainstream techno or pop sounds.

Description: A refreshing alternative to techno, this jazzy, energetic tune screams hip. It easily adds life to any presentation whether static or full of animation. Best of all, any age group should groove nicely with this tune.

Description: Rhythmic and classy, this tune may be ideal as an alternative to raucous audio that is aimed at attracting attention. All the components, including the piano, organ and the drums have a nice jazzy feel to them. The piano plays a nice laid-back descending.

Description: This slinky tune tiptoes lightly into your mind with finesse, indulging your imagination. The sax pours gently over the refined piano lines with pizzazz. Use this SoundSet for any presentation requiring a touch of class and a refreshing sound.

Description: Primordial motion characterizes this piece through the synth and piano chords. The piano lightly sketches a melodic line above the bass and synth parts. Use this tune in any movie or presentation that relies heavily on the sound to express motion and prog.

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