Description: half swing, half bossa nova, this swing nova makes you want to move, featuring piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: A very relaxed and confident tune of love and acceptance featuring piano, bass and drums.

Description: Traditional American jazz with a bluesy light swing feel. Acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, drums with brushes.

Description: A very purposeful and funky tune with an underlying jazz swing feel featuring piano, guitar, vibes, bass and drums.

Description: A fun and interesting tune full of good ideas and feelings with a slight touch of admonishment featuring piano, guitar, ukulele, vibes, bass and drums.

Description: A catchy tune with delightful twist and turns melodically and rhythmically featuring piano, vibes, alto flute, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: a short, swingin' little number with acoustic piano, upright bass and drums (brushes).

Description: a new orleans style jazz/rock tune with piano. electric bass and drums.

Description: smooth jazz with an exquisite piano arrangement forming a cool and sophisticated musical environment.

Description: Music written in the style of pop jazz with the use of different instruments. Beautiful melody, vivid contrasts! Suitable for background, web sites, flash, tv, radio, movies, games, videos and presentations!

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