Description: This is a light jazz lounge track with female vocals sounds very soft, easy and a little sexy! This music is perfect for romantic videos with themes of friendship, love, love story, wedding, vacation at sea, flirting, femininity, fashion, makeup, mush and woman, beautiful people. Also, this music can serve as a good background in hotels, hotels, boutiques, clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

Description: Acoustic guitar blues with a simple, happy and fun tone. This production music track will work for anything that has a happy go lucky feel.

Description: A gentle and reflective relaxing chill out track featuring a lush synthesizer lead melody that carries the listener through a meditative soundscape. Heavenly pads, floating bass lines great beats, sparse electric rhythm guitar. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, fun, restful multimedia projects, Instrumental, Jazz, Chillout Jazz

Description: Rhythmic and sentimental melody in the style of Odessa jazz of the 40th years.Using a violin, an accordion and a guitar.Suitable for advertising, movies and holidays.

Description: Simple and unpretentious music in retro style.With the use of the clarinet, trombone and other acoustic instruments.Suitable for a romantic evening, and video production and advertising.

Description: Sultry solo jazz piano to provide background for a fine dining, nightclub scene, slow bluesy tempo designed for relaxing in an elegant restaurant lounge Heartfelt emotional melody from a Steinway grand piano. Broadcast ready classic Gershwin stylings for any media use where smooth piano is needed, Instrumental, Jazz,

Description: A sweet smart grooving lounge jazz track a calm, mellow, relaxing evening song with a funky middle sections. Nice sexy music beds for romantic scenes. Features piano, tight drum grooves and cool voxy synths. For sophisticated audiences; Ads, voice over, health spa, film, tv, radio, club, in store

Description: A soft trio of piano, upright bass, and brushed drums make the perfect background music to create an intimate atmosphere.

Description: Sensitive solo jazz piano to provide background for a fine dining, nightclub scene, Free tempo with open spaces for TV drama and film. Heartfelt emotional melody from a Steinway grand piano. George Gershwin stylings for film, documentaries, period pieces or any media use where smooth piano is needed

Description: Romantic background music in the style of latin jazz. Romantic and sentimental mood. Perfect for cafe music or elevator music, and also for making an easy relaxed atmosphere and romantic feel for any media project.

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