Description: smooth jazz with an exquisite piano arrangement forming a cool and sophisticated musical environment.

Description: light, lilting, pretty, jazzy piece featuring piano & strings.

Description: Chill out music with a cool laidback lounge vibe. Relaxing and atmospheric featuring groovy sounds from Hollywood’s finest studio musicians. Designed for easy listening, upscale ambiance, modern Muzak, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, elevators, in-store music, cocktail receptions and environmental atmospheres.

Description: A gentle and reflective relaxing chill out track featuring a lush synthesizer lead melody that carries the listener through a meditative soundscape. Heavenly pads, floating bass lines great beats, sparse electric rhythm guitar. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, fun, restful multimedia projects, Instrumental, Jazz, Chillout Jazz

Description: half swing, half bossa nova, this swing nova makes you want to move, featuring piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: Full throttle funky beat and upright bass with sax improvisation and tasty bits of organ riffs.

Description: Slightly eccentric, whimsical and quirky cool jazz. Features Jazz Guitar, Brush kit, Vibes and Double Bass. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30, and 10 sec versions

Description: Simple and unpretentious music in retro style.With the use of the clarinet, trombone and other acoustic instruments.Suitable for a romantic evening, and video production and advertising.

Description: Stylish smooth jazz track with new age flavorings reflecting the cool essence of a glamorous lifestyle. Designed for upscale advertising, jewelry, luxury cars, infomercials, modern Muzak, corporate branding, fashion shows, cocktail receptions, spas, atmospheric environments, shopping malls.

Description: nice sax solo with strings and rhythm section backing.

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