Description: Relaxed and somewhat carefree, this SoundSet is ideal for use in environments where the viewer is encouraged to be at ease. Shopping sites would be an example of one use, where a pleasant environment encourages the shopper to stay longer and spend time sh.

Description: This SoundSet has an upbeat feel that makes it ideal for uses with more traditional corporate presentations that require something extra to make them come to life. The possible contrast yields perhaps an unexpected, fresh and lighter presentation. The off.

Description: This light and playful ditty can be used in presentations with less serious content. It lends itself well to projects involving children. This music is unobtrusive which also makes it ideal as background music at a softer level.

Description: Rhythm drives this SoundSet, ideal for projects where music plays an important and possibly equal role as the graphics. This SoundSet works well for intense presentations that wish to attract and keep the viewer's attention. The energy in this music will.

Description: This is a happy SoundSet. It evokes a feeling of freedom and lightheartedness. It is ideal for uses in countless projects where the product can make your life easier or possibly restore health. One example would be an allergy medication. Another example i.

Description: Born in a piano bar, this SoundSet lends itself well to projects that require a relaxed and classy tune. An ideal use may be for sites and presentations targeted toward affluent audiences who consider themselves hip and young at heart.

Description: This swing sound is perfect for a high energy presentation and is a great alternate to using the ever so popular techno style. Perfect for audiences of all ages and for presentations involving animation or static pictures as in a slide show.

Description: This cool swing sound is ideal for presentations that require something extra to make them hip and energetic. The rhythm and the ascending and descending bass line give character to this sound. Perfect for audiences of all ages and for presentations invol.

Description: This piece has traditional jazz elements and instrumentation. The walking bass line, the piano and sax give this piece a very smooth and laid back character making it ideal for presentations that need to add some sensuality. Provocative or sensual images,.

Description: Presentations that require a fresh and laid back sound may benefit from this piece. Slow moving animation with sharp contrasts in color and motion are ideal to use with this sound.