Description: This cool, rhythmic tune, specifically the horns bring to mind humorous spy themes or movies from the 1960s. The music is built on the Blues Scale and uses the horn hits for accents. This sound is ideal for productions that contain action in the spirit of.

Description: Chilled, on ice, this hip tune has a relaxed, almost aloof sound. The electric piano creates the soothing effect while the syncopated, sensual rhythm drives the tune forward. Use in productions that need an easygoing yet sensual sound.

Description: This elegant and sophisticated tune transports the listener to a sensual world of sound. The underlying hypnotic rhythm nicely supports the somewhat improvisatory piano line and the fluid saxophone melody. The strings provide a sense of space and is the g.

Description: This refined and thoughtful SoundSet combines organic and synthetic components to form an elegant sound. The piano melody is almost aloof and rests nicely in the environment created by the pads and drum elements. Use this music in productions to conjure u.

Description: A throwback to the psychedelic 60s… This tune offers elegant and subtle riffs over the blues scale. Use it in productions that require a sassy and aloof yet not-too-serious attitude.

Description: This lively, eclectic tune mixes shades of acid jazz and electronica but it is not overly-energetic. There is certain elegance to the sound that is perhaps attributed to the combination of horn and piano. The music can run nicely in the background for som.

Description: This simple yet catchy tune will get your toes tapping. It may be best used with productions involving the idea of innocence, freedom or childhood. The spark to this music is mainly provided by the bubbling bass.

Description: Electronic and jazz elements meet over an energetic drum kit to create a unique and sophisticated audio setting. The melody is a combination of sax and guitar sounds which is mixed with many subtle sounds. The result is a tapestry of sound that is ideal f.

Description: A groovy, light and distinctive sound sprinkled with flashback. The organ instrument transports one to the sixties. The tune, on the blues scale, is made up of two contrasting sections, the second of which is a quiet passage before you get hit with the fu.

Description: This eclectic track mixes a bit of rock and jazz. The effect is intelligent and attention-getting, yet not obtrusive. The synths mix well with the guitars and the vibes to create an eclectic atmosphere, which is a perfect accompaniment for an original pro.