Description: Jazz ballad All acoustic, recorded "live" in the studio. Acousitc Guitar, Acousitc Bass, Drums, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax.

Description: Jazz ballad, mild tango flavour. Bandoneon and trumpet. Acoustic performance, real instruments.

Description: Major key, west coast, jazz-fusion-funk, Instrumental. analog synths, electric guitar, drums, fender rhodes.

Description: Acoustic Candombe rhythm, simple groove, roots , percussion and harmonica. acoustic bass guitar, electronica, harmonica, percussion.

Description: Night sounding jazz bluesy ballad, Bbminor blues structure. fretless bass, rhodes, acoustic drums, tenor sax.

Description: jazz ballad meets Argentine tango. Haunting “Love Theme”. upright bass, acoustic guitar, acoustic drums, bandoneon, tenor sax. Live performance.