Description: A latin flavor upbeat yet chilled out track which fuses electronica, rock, pop, space-out and mainstream elements into a long flowing smooth journey through sound. Bossa rock grooves break down into questioning vocal chants into electric psychedelic progressive rock. Useful for radio or media arts

Description: A easy grooving steamy funky jazz track featuring a mellow horn section, electric piano, upright bass, drums and light synths. Great positive energy, cool bluesy style smooth and relaxing. Wide open spaces for background music, underscores, film, tv, radio play, promos, videos, romantic scenes.

Description: A gentle and reflective relaxing chill out track featuring a lush synthesizer lead melody that carries the listener through a meditative soundscape. Heavenly pads, floating bass lines great beats, sparse electric rhythm guitar. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, fun, restful multimedia projects, Instrumental, Jazz, Chillout Jazz

Description: A big and bouncy jazzy half time feel opening featuring piano trumpet and a female voice leads to an improvised straight ahead positive and upbeat nu-jazz groove. Nylon acoustic guitar with a latin flavor and a pop flute trade solos. Useful track for Films, TV, Radio, Video Games, media projects

Description: cool mellow jazz piano trio retro groove

Description: A big jazzy smoothly rocking fusion track featuring a full fanfare style horn section, a string ensemble, strong drum beats, powerful bass. female vocal chants all tightly woven into a proud and great attitude soundscape for your media project. Useful for tv, film, radio, PowerPoint, Demos, in house

Description: Strong gritty bluesy jazz rock track. Live feel with a mysterious air, wicked electric guitar melodies, solid synth chords, rhythm guitar, steady powerful electric bass and a tight drum groove and fills. Useful for dance scenes, chill out, tv, film, radio broadcast, internet, video, production music

Description: A straight ahead up tempo mainstream bebop jazz Quintet original track featuring Harmon muted trumpet, tenor sax, piano, bass, and drums ala Miles Davis mid 1960’s projects, luxurious and sophisticated Useable background music with a wide range for all media projects. tv, radio, video, in store, Instrumental, Jazz, Hard Bop

Description: Free wheeling jazz rock fusion tune with a blistering guitar lead and a spacey middle section.

Description: Sultry solo jazz piano to provide background for a fine dining, nightclub scene, slow bluesy tempo designed for relaxing in an elegant restaurant lounge Heartfelt emotional melody from a Steinway grand piano. Broadcast ready classic Gershwin stylings for any media use where smooth piano is needed

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