Description: A bouncy jazzy tune with a catchy melody and a swinging beat to brighten any scene.

Description: A mysterious slow jazzy piece with a fun chill spy sound, cat and mouse like, with a fun retro-cool feel for your project.

Description: Smooth loungy well played yet understated jazz song for a relaxing sound for any occasion or project. Features a mellow and melodic latino acoustic guitar lead, a pumping and smooth bass groove, jazzy latin percussion in the opening and ending sections. With a blistering piano solo in the center.

Description: A happy dixieland version of this popular classic.

Description: Free wheeling jazz rock fusion tune with a blistering guitar lead and a spacey middle section.

Description: A soulful RnB feel groove slow and mellow gently steaming with leads and melodies over a wash of synths and vocals

Description: cool mellow jazz piano trio retro groove

Description: Cool jazz piano trio cooks on a mellow groove. Understated and sophisticated very retro very hip.

Description: Medium tempo cool jazz tune vintage stylings featuring guitar, bass piano and drums.

Description: A nicely mellowed jazz duo, featuring upright bass and piano, playing a smooth lounge tune.

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