Description: Fast tempo ragtime piece with piano as the solo instrument in the style of classic silent films. Keystone Cops, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton. Great for games, wacky videos, comedies, slapstick, cartoons, You Tube videos, childrens media, commercials or period any work of the early 20th century.

Description: a quirky swingin dixieland march with piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: a fun, goodtime new orleans tune with piano, electric piano, bass, guitar, mandolin and vibes.

Description: a new orleans 2nd line drum beat often heard on the return from a funeral in a joyous celebration parade.

Description: flirty, bouncy tune.

Description: a tip of the hat to scott joplin and the entertainer.

Description: definite, purposeful, determined, man about town.

Description: bubbly, bouncy & bright tune. hopeful and energetic.

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