Description: Cool jazz piece with elegant lounge feel

Description: A warm and sensitive tune that invites friendship and good feelings. Classic cocktail party theme. Featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: An energetic and melodic jazz swing tune with a lively and crisp drummer with great brush work. Features also piano, acoustic bass, vibes and acoustic guitar.

Description: Avenues normally run parallel except in Pittsburgh, PA. featuring piano, vibes, bass and drums in a musical nod to the Cool Jazz style of Dave Brubeck, in 5/4 time.

Description: cool new jazz tune with hip hop style and credible piano solos.

Description: A light and airy swing tune full of joy and confidence with piano, bass, guitar and drums.

Description: Vibraphone, brush snare, and upright bass in a jaunty, jazzy musical passage.

Description: Smooth, slow jazz with strong detective theme.

Description: Slightly eccentric, whimsical and quirky cool jazz. Features Jazz Guitar, Brush kit, Vibes and Double Bass. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30, and 10 sec versions

Description: upright bass plays “cool jazz” pattern accompanied by drums as vibes and piano trade phrases. suggested for mysterious scenes, reminiscent of the pink panther

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