Description: upright bass plays “cool jazz” pattern accompanied by drums as vibes and piano trade phrases. suggested for mysterious scenes, reminiscent of the pink panther

Description: laidback improvised traditional jazz/blues piano, with standup bass & cymbals. suggested for cocktail lounge ambience or fine dining scene.

Description: Soft and pleased middle tempo jazz track featured hammond organ and swing drums to create a relaxed and easy mood. Perfect as background music at luxury bars, restaurants, hotels. Also for commercials, movies, TV and any other projects…

Description: Bo has jazzy confidence and je ne sais quoi. Listen as brushed drums and saxophone vivify his cool world.

Description: A chilled out jazz rock groove featuring rhodes electric piano, bass and drums. Laid back and cool mood.

Description: Saxophone solo and soft ambiance for lovers

Description: A cool jazz track featuring piano, bushed drums and a walking bass line, creating a smooth and optimistic atmosphere of playful confidence. F minor, 110 bpm.

Description: A light romantic relaxing jazz lounge piano piece.Ideal for underscore.Restaurant.Theme tune.

Description: A short romantic,relaxing peaceful 20s 30s 40s piano instrumental.Ideal for lounge bar cues.

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