Description: A happy gypsy jazz / ragtime tune that blends banjo, acoustic guitar and percussion to create a playful comedy track. Digitally aged to sound like old vinyl. Great for quirky media that requires a silly, funny or upbeat mood.

Description: Positive dance track by Jazz Band in the spirit of the ensemble thirties of the last century. Participants: horns, piano, guitar, bass, drums. Perfect for background music design, TV shows, radio programs, and many other media projects.

Description: A short jazzy piano piece accompanied with a beautiful melody.

Description: Funny and happy, but very fresh and modern track with claps, snaps and vintage instruments. Perfect for creative commercial, typography, opener, comedy scene or vlog. A jazzy sound, perfect for any classic moment.

Description: 1930, Chicago, the Prohibition era. His name was Charlie the Tramp. He walks upon successful completion of the transaction with a bootlegger. On his feet patent leather shoes, fedora on his head. And in his jacket pocket is a huge fortune - as much as $ 20, he is the brightly lit avenue restaurant "Copacabana" and there he was waiting for a girlfriend named Betsy. Will be a lot of beer, dancing and fun.

Description: Tin pan alley stomp, solid, soulful and dirty

Description: A very delicate, quirky and unpredictable jazz waltz featuring piano, bass, guitar, vibes and no drums.

Description: A delightful 2-beat Gypsy jazz tune with piano, harmonica, acoustic guitar, drums and acoustic bass.

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