Description: A happy, upbeat and joyous swinging beat of the 20s era - charleston, dixieland and tons of banjos, washboards and woodblocks.

Description: A vintage, small ensemble ballad in the style of Lawrence Welk, a.k.a. champagne music: light and bubbly as champagne

Description: Piano stride music. A vintage, soft and light, laid back jazzy piano music. Comic, playful, sweet underscore romantic comedy feel, dreamy childhood and comforting content..

Description: Tin pan alley stomp, solid, soulful and dirty

Description: A mellow, big band Glenn Miller style ballad straight from an old gramophone 75rpm record of the 30s era.

Description: 40's drum feature, cool, swinging, Dixieland flavor

Description: ragtime piano a la scott joplin.

Description: A fun, comic piece that blends banjo and acoustic guitar to create an upbeat, playful 1920s / 1930s style swing ragtime jazz tune. Digitally aged to sound like old vinyl. Great for comedy and quirky media that needs a lighthearted mood.

Description: Trumpet, sweet piano, mid tempo, old time memories

Description: Down and Dirty, depression era feel, sassy solos

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