Description: A delightful 2-beat Gypsy jazz tune with piano, harmonica, acoustic guitar, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: Slow tempo jazz track from the forties with a “little” Big Band.

Description: An old-timey swing tune with piano, horns, and jungle beat

Description: Big Band Swing describes this song. It is perfect for that nostalgic dance party, or 1930-40’s themed event or movie. It is grand and fun featuring horns, brass and drums. This timeless piece is sure to have your audience toe tapping and moving to the bouncy rhythm.

Description: A quirky and frenetic gypsy jazz tune with a piano lead and guitars, marimba, drums with brushes and acoustic bass.

Description: An old ragtime favorite! A great piece of upbeat and uptempo classic 1920's and roaring twenties style ragtime music hall piano. A classic piece of 20s music, created with instruments from the era and decade. Capture that classic forties sound and evoke that 1920s feeling in your next project.

Description: A fast and tight swing tune with a colorful and interesting melody that tells quite a story featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and drums with brushes.

Description: Trumpet, sweet piano, mid tempo, old time memories

Description: A fun solo piano swing tune filled with energy and just a little caution.