Description: An inspiring, uplifting and motivational corporate track with positive successful mood. It is perfect for a lively and colourful product promotion or presentation as well as commercials, business projects and lifestyle videos. Also good for corporate videos, advertise background, etc.

Description: Featuring energetic drums, acoustic slide guitar and weighty electric rock-guitars. It’s puts you in a dirty, offroad mood! The track suits advertising media, presentations, supporting (sport)events, documentaries and many more purposes.

Description: Sad electronic music with piano for various video productions.

Description: This music is about the clever and mysterious feeling and acting. It has a strange atmosphere, like an unknown guy who knows everything, stays quiet and who is really mysterious

Description: Confident music, if you have to stand for something, if you have to present this kind of feeling, then this is the best music for that.

Description: Energetic exciting percussion perfect for, motivational, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more and other media projects like, TV shows, background projects, videos.

Description: Heavy guitar based industrial rock themed track. Riffing electric guitar,powerful drums and gutsy synth

Description: Dark, heavy music with piano and strange sounds. It has a really deep atmosphere.

Description: This is an aggressive, powerful, vicious and furious musical theme. Powerful, heavy guitar riff, acid, chemical synthesizers, forceful rhythm sections, stutters, drops and lots of effects, adrenaline, power and rage Great for film production, TV production, radio show, advertising, all kinds of sports, fight, extreme and GoPro videos. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration.

Description: This musical composition combines the retro style of the 80s with a modern approach to sound formation. Used emulations of old synthesizers with their characteristic sound in combination with the latest technologies for creating musical effects. The melody of the all music tracks is decorated with unexpected sounds that contribute to creating an interest in further listening to music.

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