Description: drums and fx ryhtms energetic factory noise music assembly line see also others tracks name ABC,,,original music never heard before by french pro composer 120 bpm for easy edits

Description: This track is intense and powerful. It is based on a deep bass, arpeggios, synths and a lot of distorted sounds. It is great for action scenes, games and videos!

Description: Audio logo in industrial style. Mysterious sounding drums with a progressive sound. Perfect for videos about technology, for commercial electronics and for scoring video games.

Description: Invasion Bug Atmosphere stunning sci fi industrial, experimental acid, with low distortion That beat on the snare drum, electronic, effects Which Vary from one step to another ..molti Also on psychedelic sound column from science fiction movies, sci fi, acid, very attractive. . a dark and harsh environment .. this is a track very hard ..

Description: "Lodge" is a throwback to early 80s goth, reminiscent of Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. A sparse yet emotional track, evoking a brooding atmosphere.

Description: A very cool dub-step track with awesome drum loops and ""in your face"" synth parts.

Description: An ultra cool track featuring awesome drum loops and synth parts.

Description: Suitable for action videogames, speedy races and other. Factory Conveyor motion, robotic machine. Conveyor Belt, Rollers, Metal, Spinning. Nice for advertisement, DJ's, night club, TV, Radio, Show, Commerce

Description: Great sound design and production.The Future was developed to be an uplifting motivational presentation piece. Stylish,track. New technologies of the future This track is filled with hope and a sense of new beginnings and and bright blue skies in the future. Romantic / Drama / Pictures Future speed progress confident drive fly. Time excitement waiting events future anticipation A very steady positive , strong & energetic contemporary track. Exciting and optimistic. This futuristic track is great for showing the future / innovations / 3d / information and technology.