Description: Alternate version of ww700097, mood lightens midway thru, with piano taking melody, lighter ending.

Description: Slowly building piano and orchestra piece with hopeful overtones.

Description: Alternate version of ww700160 with conclusion.

Description: An industrial metal theme, this track starts out with a machinery noise in the background. A heavy and broken guitar riff is taking shape until it comes blasting in full mode, with doubled guitars, bass, kick and crash. A couple of cool breakdowns happen along the way, but the riff is always noisy and relentless.

Description: Gentle piano and string background.

Description: Circular synth pattern builds into a laid.

Description: Looping rhythm section part from ww700029 with piano, drums.

Description: Bold, martial theme with piano and brass, loopable end.

Description: Wild comic montage of sounds and music.