Description: Dark pads, piano and atmospheric bass.

Description: Full, Classic treatment of secret.

Description: Expansive orchestration with rhythm section, featuring french horn, mood and tempo change at end.

Description: Rhythm section background with techie and militaristic returning to main theme and conclusion.

Description: Strong, driving rhythm section featuring horn and orchestra.

Description: Sweet and warm love theme with piano and orchestra, suspended ending.

Description: intolerable shockwaves. eftos forces ebm into antiform. tonal eftos is over.

Description: Funky soul rhythm set to the beat of heavy construction.

Description: Insistant rhythm punctuated my synthesizers and other instruments.

Description: Hard, Industrial Quick Positive Building Determined Confident Piano Synthesizer Drums Bass Flute Horns Strings Timpani Action Travelling American Contemporary Industry Communications Politics Elections Up-tempo.

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