Description: Invasion Bug Atmosphere stunning sci fi industrial, experimental acid, with low distortion That beat on the snare drum, electronic, effects Which Vary from one step to another ..molti Also on psychedelic sound column from science fiction movies, sci fi, acid, very attractive. . a dark and harsh environment .. this is a track very hard ..

Description: Powerful, dark opening into a rich and forward.

Description: Broad expansive background with rhythm section and orchestra.

Description: killercore antimusic without rules.

Description: Dark, mysterious dubstep industrialized, excellent for After Effects particles sound, movie trailers music, Film scores, video games, and many many more! Alien sounding Sounds capes, Lots of FX, Rumbles, etc

Description: Warm feelings expressed with piano and orchestra.

Description: Dark pads, piano and atmospheric bass.

Description: intolerable shockwaves. eftos forces ebm into antiform. tonal eftos is over.

Description: Insistant rhythm punctuated my synthesizers and other instruments.

Description: Rhythm section background with techie and militaristic returning to main theme and conclusion.

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