Description: Suitable for action videogames, speedy races and other. Factory Conveyor motion, robotic machine. Conveyor Belt, Rollers, Metal, Spinning. Nice for advertisement, DJ's, night club, TV, Radio, Show, Commerce.

Description: Hopeful piano and orchestra piece builds slowly to resolved ending.

Description: Positive industrial theme expressing confidence yet concern.

Description: Further continuation of ww700203, returning to tempo and mood of main theme.

Description: Circular synth pattern builds into a laid.

Description: Slightly longer version of 700060.

Description: alt version of ww700005, longer, with break in middle.

Description: Grinding, grungy, electro house dance underscore. Perfect for industrial, technical, mechanical talk over applications. Main mix, underscore, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: Alternate version of ww700129, without melodic signature.

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