Description: Light and positive industrial background or open.

Description: Bold and expectant, this song promises great success. It suggests success and achievement. It sets the standard for modern advancements and technological improvements. If you want to create an image of elite quality and precision choose this underscore for your next project.

Description: Dark, grimy, scary, aggressive, with encompassing drums.

Description: Driving, industrious version of theme from ww700122.

Description: Bright electronic fanfare into a newsy synth underscore.

Description: Orchestral Rock Pop Drama Industrial Moderate Medium Up-tempo Positive Building Determined Resolute Confident Strong Strength Proud Serious Intense Piano Drums Bass Strings Percussion Timpani Action Interlude Morning Travelling Moving American Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Business Panorama.

Description: Dirty saw synths and distorted bass drums with eerie synth melodies. This distortionalized sucker will pack a punch into your wildest dreams! If you're looking for something unique and special....

Description: Rhythm bed of ww700206, ending with theme.

Description: Gentle piano and string background.