Description: Solo piano leads into building orchestral theme.

Description: A loud epic entrance that doesn't mess around and means serious business.

Description: Alternate spot version of ww700122, warm and friendly main theme on piano amd strings.

Description: Grinding, grungy, electro house dance underscore. Perfect for industrial, technical, mechanical talk over applications. Main mix, underscore, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: RHYTHM 001 90 E is an ideal musical piece for being mixed with his “soft” version.

Description: Quick industrial style sting reminiscent of the Terminator soundtrack.

Description: Positive, bright & uplifting electronic light theme. Has a modern busy corporate pop feel, with interesting rhythmic synth-sequencer patterns flowing and interweaving together. Great for Telephone On-Hold, Multimedia, Lighter Technical, Design, Factual and TV Reality. Main & 30sec mixes

Description: Expansive orchestration with rhythm section, featuring french horn, mood and tempo change at end.

Description: Light and sentimental piano and orchestra transition.

Description: Happy, energetic version of the Christmas classic with orchestra.