Description: Christmas xmas x-mas snow winter holidays santa gift funny humorous hilarious classic nostalgic new year happy peace joy seasonal.

Description: Peaceful, quiet charm orchestral Christmas Waltz with inspiring tune piano and bells. Christmas music for commercials and advertising, TV programs,family Christmas videos,websites and other holiday projects.

Description: Chime introduction to the magic of christmas.

Description: An orchestral version of this beloved and traditional Christmas tune, featuring the whole orchestra with brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion and bells. Good for commercials, film/tv/video and any Christmas/New Year scenario.

Description: Christmas composition with fun, light and festive mood. Has a simple catchy melody. Perfect for presentations, advertising or corporate videos and games. Written using orchestral violins, bells, glockenspiel, chimes, deep drums and warm sound of the cello. Have a fabulous holiday!

Description: Beautiful lullaby song with bell melodies and a festive mood. Suits perfect in christmas videos or commercials. Alternate version with a less festive mood available.

Description: Orchestral halloween track with spooky atmosphere.

Description: Wonderfully nostalgic, upbeat 60's Christmas pop underscore. Just how Christmas should be - full of fun, happy, warm & fuzzy - the stuff that memories are made of. Perfect for festive promos, commercials, TV trailers, adverts, & web promotions. Features pop combo including slide Fender Strat. 60 & 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Beautiful, light and sparkling Christmas Fairytale waltz. Imagine a white forest scene, with icicles twinkling on the pine tree branches and snow flakes gently falling. Perfect for creating magical festive scenes for TV & radio adverts & commercials, multimedia & audio visuals. Commercial lengths

Description: It's a fun, positive Christmas music, Christmas is a trip to the train.