Description: A light, fun orchestral arrangement of the Christmas classic, Jingle Bells by Pierpont. Melody spread between instruments. This is the perfect feel good Christmas piece suitable for all kinds of Christmas scenes.

Description: Delightful Christmas melody, playful and happy, perfect for advertising and commercial underscore

Description: A relaxing and peaceful tune perfect for a quiet Christmas atmosphere.

Description: Acoustic guitar, heartfelt rendition of Public domain Patriotic song.

Description: Beautiful arrangement of an old classic. Perfect for background music.

Description: Want a hip and swanky Christmas underscore? Holiday spirit abounds in this song. A wonderful contemporary jazz piece is infused with jingle bells to make a subtle and invigorating Christmas song. It will energize your holiday shoppers. This underscore features jingle bells, piano, upright bass and drums.

Description: A beautiful, sentimental, nostalgic, and peaceful Christmas-inspired. Ideal for a variety of Christmas projects, video, advertising, presentations. Perfect for images of Christmas Eve, gentle falling snow, warm fires, Christmas lights, and decorated trees.

Description: Horror themed fun track with strong melodies and classic spooky instrumentation. Creepy and up-tempo with retro horror style, it's quirky character is ideal for any haunting Halloween products that require an authentic creepy flavour.

Description: Quirky, light hearted & uplifting original festive theme with a nostalgic fun retro feel. Think jolly, jaunty & fun sleigh-ride. Features strings, bassoon, sleigh bells, temple-blocks, flute, glockenspiel & synth bells. Perfect for Christmas the way it used to be. Main mix, 60 & 30 and underscores.