Description: Holidays, Holidays-New Years, Light, Bright, Brilliant, Celestial, Charming, Delicate, Ethereal, Positive, Magical, Fantastic, Happy, Vibrant, Warm, Surreal, Sparkling, in a Happy mood, featuring Orchestra, with a Mid tempo

Description: A majestic orchestral version of the traditional New Year tune Auld Lang Syne featuring a full symphonic orchestra. Great for advertising, tv,film and video that needs a celebratory New Year vibe.

Description: modern smooth jazz arrangement of the traditional holiday melody with a classic hollywood flair.

Description: Acoustic version of the tradition New Year tune Auld Lang Syne, featuring acoustic guitars, piano and celesta. Good for advertising/commercials, film/tv/video and settings that needs an uplifting new year feel.

Description: traditional arrangement of the holiday classic.

Description: classic hollywood lounge arrangement of the traditional holiday melody featuring a rat pack feel and vibe.

Description: This is a very gent relaxing piano cello version of a well known New Years Song.Ideal for chilling out or underscore cues.

Description: This is a well know public domain standard for all festive, family, or corporate function celebrations. It is used as a standard for the New Years Eve parties but can be used for any party. This version is a romantic and sentimental harp duet that gives a feeling of warm innocence that's full of humble sentiment and will surely to bring a tear to the eyes of more than a few! 100 bpm and edited for seamless looping.

Description: An emotional and building orchestral track featuring choir and a symphonic orchestra. Good for advertising, film, tv and video.

Description: classic retro-hollywood arrangement of the traditional holiday melody.

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