Description: Holidays, Holidays-Christmas, Religious & Spiritual, Religious-Catholic, Christmas, Xmas-Standard, Xmas-Traditional, Occasions, Religious-Christian, Festive, Simple, in a Happy, Positive mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: Holidays, Holidays-Christmas, Religious-Catholic, Religious & Spiritual, Christmas, Xmas-Traditional, Xmas-Standard, Occasions, Festive, Simple, in a Happy, Positive mood, featuring Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: This track was made in the festive Halloween style, it contains all the sound attributes of this holiday, a slightly gloomy mood, sound of theremin instrument, little fun, strange a voice of man on and crows in the background, brass and tuba, xylophones and other instruments characteristic for such music! This track will create an excellent Halloween atmosphere in any themed media project, even or party at a Halloween event as background music. Track duration is 2 min

Description: A mysterious and sinister environment for a night of terror. Background music for Halloween.

Description: This is a sad and scary story about Halloween. Orchestral track with sad piano melody and minor harmony.

Description: This instrumental features electronic synth and pads, soft drums, bells, and piano. It has a very bright, upbeat, happy, and fun vibe that is used for background music by major corporate companies in modern advertising commercials. This song can also be used for that popular Christmas holiday sound.

Description: Beautiful calm music track with Christmas spirit. Magical piece makes you feel yourself in fairytale. This serene tune, featuring bells, e.piano, synths and drums will work well as a background for holiday video, commercial, vlog, podcast.

Description: A classic English folk Christmas carol. Here it is presented in a traditional classical orchestral ensemble arrangement with a main flute melody, harp arpeggios, grand piano, vocal choir, staccato strings, and woodwinds. It has an uptempo feel at 111 bpm and builds up to an inspirational ending. It would give a solemn and reverent feel to any related theme.

Description: “Time For Christmas” is relax, joyful christmas feeling feature a ukulele, strings section, sleight bell and chimes. This track fit for christmas project.

Description: Magical orchestral score with an air of mystery. This Christmas composition is performed by full orchestra. Beautiful, organic & full of wonderful Christmas spirit. Similar to the soundtracks to festive favourites Home Alone & Elf. Perfect for TV & film, corporate media and many types of placements.

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